Rise up, be whole, healed and happy

Rise up, be whole, healed and happy

Fertility Massage (FM) is not just for women who are experiencing fertility problems – it is an EVERY woman massage. In essence, it is a Womb-an’s massage treatment. A healing way to reconnect with our womb space, whether or not the physical organ is present.


FM uses a unique combination of techniques to;

  • improve the circulation and function of the reproductive and digestive organs to promote physical healing.
  • provide a safe space for emotional releasing
  • help off-set stress and anxiety
  • help to reconnect you with your body, particularly, your womb

Let’s dive deeper into the benefits of FM in these areas.

1, Promoting Physical Healing​

Any form of massage has been found to increase the blood flow to the area being worked on. This is important because the blood brings much needed oxygen and nutrients to the cells and removes the waste materials and toxins.

By massaging the abdominal area, the digestive organs and reproductive organs gain an increased blood flow, which can help ease constipation, bloating and repair damaged tissues (scars and adhesions).

The self-guided massage techniques are taught to you by the therapist so you can continue the healing process in-between your sessions.

2, Emotional Releasing

Most FM therapists will use a guided visualisation whist you are safely cocooned in the Rebozo’s to allow you let go of any deeply held negative emotions which could be impeding your physical or mental well being.

During the massage itself the therapist may be called to release trapped emotions through accupressure points or trigger points through the body. By building a safe, non -judgemental space for each client, it is easy and natural to let go of old emotional baggage.

3, Stress Off-Setting

When we are in a state of heighten stress, our bodies take on a survival mode and our reproductive system is the only one which our body views as expendable. Once the stress or danger has passed our body can renew its maintenance of our reproductive organs.

If we have been exposed to a high-stress experience, we can off-set it’s effects through FM. All forms of massage can off-set stress, by helping your body to release muscular tension and help you feel safe, therefore relaxed. In FM by stimulating the blood flow back to the reproductive and digestive organs we can release the stress hormone cortisol and bring your body’s attention back to  the reproductive organs.

4, Self Nurture and Womb Re-connection

​Another aspect of FM is Pulsing and Rebozo work. Both of these technique help put the body in a safe space. The gentle rhythmic rocking, in time with a baby in utero helps to allow all the muscles of the body to release.

​The Rebozo wrapping is a form of swaddling, providing you with a cocoon experience, like being held and rocked in a hammock.

If you are looking to feel relaxed, nurtured and in tune with your womb, find your local Fertility Massage Therapist here and enjoy the unique experience. There are FM Therapists worldwide and if you are interested in training click here for more information.