Using crystals for health and well being

Using crystals for health and well being

Crystals are an amazing resource for enhancing health and well being. Being open to the subtle vibrations of the earthly elements can help you feel grounded, uplifted, energised and positive.

Are you interested in crystals but unsure about where to start?

Below is a selection of the most common questions from clients wanting to know more. It covers the basics of how to start and use crystals in your home to enhance your well being.

What are crystals?

Crystals are semi-precious stones formed millions of years ago. Each type of crystal has a different mix of mineral elements which change its appearance and vibrational frequency. You will also find on the market ‘new’ crystals which are man-made by fusing 2 clear quartz layered with platinum, gold or silver or heat treated. They have a different energy to natural stones and it is up to personal preference whether to use them or not.

[I have a few because they are very beautiful.]

How do you choose a crystal?

Usually when you walk into a crystal shop with the specific intention of purchasing a crystal for a particular goal in mind, the crystal you need will most often be the one which you gravitate towards automatically. If you are just browsing with a light open mind, you will be drawn to the one which is right for you at the time. Let the crystal choose. Even though an image on the internet, one crystal will ‘pop’ out than others.

Which crystals are best for beginners?

The best crystals to begin with are

  • Rose Quartz,
  • Clear Quartz,
  • Smokey Quartz,
  • Amethyst and
  • Calcite (it comes in various colours and is very reasonably priced)

They are great to start with so you can get used to the energy of crystals in the home and build up your sensitivity to them before reaching out for more specialised intentions.

Where do you buy crystals from?

Researching an ethical company to buy crystals from is important. Some companies destroy vast expanses of the natural world to exploit the mineral kingdom underground. Some market modern crystals (made in a lab) and try to pass them off as real. Do background checks before buying.

Why should you cleanse crystals?

As with most new items it’s a good idea to clean them before use. Your new crystals are no different. After you have worked with them, they should be cleansed or cleaned to reset their natural vibration.

How do you cleanse crystals?

​There are a few ways to cleanse crystals.

  • Physical cleansing as in running them under water (there are a few exceptions i.e Selenite will dissolve in water)
  • Vibrational cleansing by using Tibetan bells over them or smudging them with incense (Letting the sound waves or smoke pass over the crystal)
  • Intentional cleansing using your Thoughts and Will alone.
How do you use crystals?

Once you have chosen a few crystals to work with, they are can be carried in your pocket or bag throughout the day. They can be worn as jewellery which is probably the easiest method. It’s best to have the crystals within your aura field so they can have positive influence.

Sleeping with them under your pillow can be another way to spend time with the crystal energies as roughly an 8 hour sleep with crystals can be very restorative.

How do they work?

As Einstein said “Everything is Energy”.

Everything in our world is in a constant state of motion. All the atoms of every living thing are continuously moving and vibrating at different frequencies.

Each type of crystal vibrates at a different frequency, Over the years people have associated certain crystals with specific human vibrations.

For example,

  • Rose Quartz is vibrating in the frequency of unconditional love,  
  • Selenite is vibrating in the frequency of enhancing feminine spirituality
  • Blue Lace Agate is vibrating in the frequency of clear communications

When you wear/ use a crystal and are open to the experience, your aura vibrations to shift to be in harmony with that of the crystal. By doing so you can enhance your vibration towards the positive state you desire.

Who can use crystals?

Anyone can use crystals. You don’t even have to believe they have any affect at all in order to gain the benefits of using or wearing them. They are beautiful to look at, to touch and add a beautiful decorative touch in your home.

You can grow more sensitive to the vibrations of the crystals they more you spend time with them.

Enjoy exploring the world of crystals.