Seven Day Well Being Booster

How to jump start to a healthier you in 2020

The goal of ‘being healthier’ and ‘feeling better’ is a high priority to many, me included. 

This year I wanted to find a way to actually achieve that goal. The caveat to myself was that I was only going to use tasks, activities and themes that made me feel good so that I would stick to them.

Using a combination of science-based strategies and a large dash of woo in the mix, I created a simple 7-day plan and followed it for about 12 weeks as a test. At the end I certainly did feel much healthier and better than before: 

  • improved sleep
  • reduced stress levels
  • feeling in control of my health
  • less overwhelm
  • clearer mind
  • improved mood

I called my mini health project,

So let’s crack on and see if you can also ‘be healthy and feel better’ too.

Day One: Mind Clearance

Set aside 20 minutes (at least) to do a thorough brain dump of anything and everything that is clogging up your headspace.

Clear your mind of the monkey chatter from:

  • to-do lists
  • things you don’t want to forget
  • things other people need you to do
  • worries, concerns and pressing problems

Write it all down and let go of it completely. Most of it you’ll never actually need to do, it just takes up precious headspace.

Day Two: Get Active

Maximum effort to increase your physical activity is the name of the game today. You may have a few favourites to pick from; the goal is to go over and above your usual level of activity to be at least 1% better than the day before. 

Trying 1% harder than yesterday is a tiny stretch, by attempting an extra 1% every day those really begin to add up after a week. 

  • Do one more squat than you usually can
  • Walk an extra 5 minutes
  • Complete an extra 500 steps today
  • Climb the stairs an extra time

Whatever it means for you, to push yourself a little more than yesterday.

Day Three: Conscious Functional Eating

Just for today only, make a conscious effort to make healthier food choices.

24 hours of health-focused eating may sound quite a challenge, once you remove 8 hours for sleeping we are only talking about 16 awake hours to go.

With a relatively short period of time to commit to, it seems more achievable. Try these suggestions, just for today.

  • limit caffeine to one beverage
  • drink 1 litre of water
  • avoid processed foods
  • skip the alcohol
  • ensure each meal is protein-based
  • start the day with a decent breakfast
  • make all your food decisions in the morning so you don’t fall off the wagon in the evening

Day Four: Relaxation

To manage our stress levels on a daily basis, it’s good to have a daily plan in place to unwind completely.

Below is an example of my end of day relaxation routine for Day Four.

  • a warm shower, visualising all the stress and concerns flowing away with the water
  • 10 minutes journalling to release all the monkey mind thoughts
  • 15 minutes of meditation using either, Calm or Headspace

This simple process helped me clear away any energetic or emotional baggage I’d accumulated during the day. Allowing me to feel calmer, sleep better and feel more recharged in the morning.

Day Five: Positive Social Interaction

Positive Social Interaction means to go out and have fun with friends.

Be around people who:

  • inspire you
  • light you up
  • make you laugh
  • positively enrich your life
  • support you

Even if you can’t meet in person, connect with them through any means you have to raise your energy and share the joy of friendship together,

Day Six: Self Care Pampering

Today is a Self-Care day. Pick one pamper style activity where you can utterly bliss out. It doesn’t have to be expensive to be blissful.

  • A long soak in some luxury bubbles
  • Massage/Reiki Treatment
  • Day at the seaside
  • A walk in your favourite place
  • Mooching round a National Trust house, pretending you own it
  • Watching your favourite movie all snuggled up
  • Time spent reading a favourite book in peace

Day Seven: Inner work outside

We are all part of Nature and when we live more in harmony with the flow of Nature we become healthier and whole.

Today is about spending as much time as possible outside in Nature – depending on where you live and the time of year, may determine your options.

Suggestions for places to be outside:

  • in your garden,
  • to the seaside,
  • a long cycle ride 
  • an extra-long walk for the dog.

Being outside in the fresh air and (hopefully) sunshine helps to re-balance your body, mind and spirit. It can help you sleep better, relief stress and bring about a more positive mindset.

Once you have completed the Seven Day Well Being Booster you can bring to adapt the daily tasks and try new ones until you’ve found a system which you can follow each week throughout the year.

This is the system I followed for 12 weeks and found it dramatically improved my mood and energy levels.

There are many ways to add more variety once the basics have been covered. Aiming for just 1% more improvement daily is not a big ask – doing it consistently is where the magic happens and the habits become automatic after about 66 days. 

What Next?

So you could follow the Seven Day Well Being Booster each week for about 9 weeks to establish a routine of healthy habits.

For an easier, quicker version I have created a 21-day self-care system, Renew You. This ebook gives you all you need to follow the self-care practises and instil healthy habits for you to enjoy a happier, healthier version of you in 2020.

 To find out more click the link below

RENEW YOU: 21 days to a Renewed You