Renew You

21 Days To A Renewed You

Do you want to improve your overall health and well being but are unsure where to start? Possibly you are feeling overwhelmed by too many choices and conflicting opinions?

When considering improving their health most people dive straight and try to change their diet and exercise habits, even if short term fix is achieved the results are usually not sustainable.

Both of those areas are very important but there is so much information available it can lead to confusion… the onslaught of new ideas can be so overwhelming you just don’t know where to begin. 

There are many other elements to feeling healthy,  diet and exercise  are just two elements we can focus on. When we bring awareness about ourselves into the healing journey our results are significantly better and long term we maintain a healthier standard or living.

My aim is to break down and simplify ‘being healthy and happy’ into bite sized pieces. Taking one baby step at a time and building habits which lead to successful long term results.

The minimum daily commitment to the tasks is approximately 20-30 minutes. The majority of tasks can be completed as and when throughout the day.

A Fresh Approach to Improving Health & Well Being

My approach is to improve other basic health needs which are just as valuable to work on, gain great results and can boost your confidence before embarking on more demanding diet and exercise goals. 

Firstly ask yourself how do you want to ‘feel’ when you are that healthier version of yourself? What does it look like to you on a day to day basis? Can you see how it will fit in with your current lifestyle? 

If you don’t have the answers just yet don’t worry, during the course we will journey through a series of step-by-step tasks which highlight different healthy habits which help to improve your overall well being. By tackling a healthier lifestyle piece by piece you won’t become overwhelmed and give up. In addition these ‘pieces’ will slot into your life so comfortably and easily you’ll wonder why you felt you didn’t have time for them before.

A selection of testimonials

“I liked the daily tasks, breadth of knowledge. and the techniques to help me create daily habits”

“I looked forward to receiving my daily task and felt it was flexible to fit around my life and what I had planned on a daily basis.”

“I enjoyed the consistency of the content but also I got something out of every message. It made me pay attention and then gave me tools to change where needed.”

The Renew You course will bring an awareness to your current lifestyle habits, it will provide you with tools you can use to make the changes you desire.

Course Outline

Week 1: Renewing your Body
Looking at easy changes to lifestyle and building successful healthy habits. The momentum from building good habits one at a time adds up quickly to gain bigger health improvements over time.

Week 2: Renewing your Mind
This week will be focusing on letting go of mind clutter. Learning positive habits to keep calm and clear the fog feeling . Setting aside 10-15 minutes of ‘me’ time during this week will allow for the best results. A clear mind and healthy body bring about a state of enhanced well being and happiness.

Week 3: Renewing your Spirit
In week 3 explores what makes you tick, to help you reconnect in with your loving inner Self who can heal, help and guide. Tune in to the real you and re-set your priorities leading you to more happiness and fulfilment in your life.

The Renew You course is delivered in the form of a downloadable booklet that is instantly available after payment. Each morning you will have a task to complete and you will be prepped in advance to any materials you may need for that week.

You can feel happier and be healthier in 21 days for only £47 

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What can you expect from the Renew You course?


Week 1: Renewing Your Body

  • Improve skin complexion
  • boost immunity
  • feel better in your body
  • identify your current habits and where you can improve
  • easy self care routine

Renewing Your Mind

  • reduce overwhelm
  • build strategies to cope with stress
  • develop a self-care routine
  • positive mindset

Week 3: Renewing Your Spirit

  • find deep peace
  • develop your intuition
  • live your life on purpose
  • feel free to choose
  • gain clarity and build a vision

What people are saying about Renew You...

“The Surrey Holistic Healing ’21 Day Renew You’ programme was informative and rewarding and it has provided me with many techniques and resources I can continue to use to improve my well being in my day-to-day life. Sarah’s daily email tasks were beautifully written, packed full of information and were gently encouraging and nurturing. I would thoroughly recommend the programme to anyone wanting to make a change to lead a healthier and more positive life!”

“The course allowed me to think more about myself and look at different ways I can improve the way I feel.
It was easy to follow, not too over whelming, everything’s broken down and easy to understand.”

“Excellent reminders of self-care and love”

“The course reminded me to appreciate what I have, the journaling was very interesting, when I read back what I had written I realised that a couple of the things on my ideal life wish list were here already. Also an email in the morning to remind me to start the day with some positive focus…I’ve loved it THANK YOU XXXX