Swedish Massage

Swedish massage is the modern combination of techniques from kneading to the long fluid movements of effulage. Each therapist has her/his own unique style of using Swedish massage and so choosing the best option for you is important.

My Style of Massage

I work with you to create the best results, the pressure and style is adjusted to suit your needs.

Each session starts with gentle pulsing along the spine to asses the areas which need work and help you get into a relaxed frame of mind.

The body is perfectly designed to release the tension naturally when given the right environment and reminded how to relax.

Relax naturally

After plenty of study and testing, I have learnt to go with the natural flow of relaxation rather than to use excessive force, which the body detects as a threat and responds with greater resistance.

My style is to combine Swedish massage techniques alongside neuroscience behaviours which can help to induce natural relaxation for better results.

Leading to more mobility, less stress, less pain and feeling lighter and brighter than before in a way that works specifically for you

Swedish Massage
I received a deeply intuitive and healing massage from Sarah. Having arrived with a very aching and sore lower back from an old injury and it felt that Sarah knew exactly how much pressure and where it needed to go. Afterwards I felt both calm and rejuvenated as well as very grateful! I will definitely be returning and recommending the service to friends. Thank you Sarah
Seale Natural Health is in a lovely location in Farnham surrounded by woodland and close to a church. I was made to feel very welcome on my visit. Sarah was very kind and professional and made my massage bespoke for my muscle tension. After one session I'm already feeling a huge improvement. Thank you.

Swedish Massage Treatments

Total Relaxation and Recharge (90 minutes)     £80

When you need a complete reset, this 90 minute full body massage including head, scalp and face will work wonders. A great choice for the end of the week to recharge and relax. Setting yourself up for a totally chilled weekend.

Swedish Massage (60 minutes)     £60

An hour of massage to either focus on a specific problem; back pain, leg pain or a full body relaxation treatment. The choice for calming anxiety or stress or when you just want to feel better.

Back, Neck, and Shoulders (45 minutes)     £50

Specially targeted 45-minute massage releasing the main areas of muscular tension. Relieving pain and improving range of mobility in the neck and shoulder area which is a common source of discomfort.

This is the best option for helping to improve posture after long periods of sitting at a desk, or in a car. Particularly popular with golfers to help improve their swing by increasing mobility.