Our Therapies

Helping your stresses melt away…

Our Therapies

Each session is individually crafted to your needs at the time.
An initial consultation is given to assess health, lifestyle and the desired outcome from the therapy sessions.
Find out more about each therapy below or call for a FREE consultation to find which service would be best for you.

Swedish Massage Therapy

Fertility Massage Therapy

Fertility Massage

Reiki Healing

Reiki Meditation

Our Signature Well Being Restoration Therapy

The ultimate way to unwind your body and mind.

Using a combination of massage therapy, rebozo wrapping and reiki.

Learn how to slow down your mind, release the tension from your body and come to a complete stress-free halt.

Experience slowing your mind from warp speed to zen monk.

Allowing yourself to just be with your breath, in peace.

Get in tune with your body, feel emotionally supported and energetically re-balanced.

Come back to your life feeling lighter, brighter and much more in control.

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