Signature Well Being Restoration Therapy

Our Signature Well Being Restoration Therapy

Giving yourself permission to unplug from the world can set you up for a mental, emotional and energetic boost with our unique Well Being Restoration Therapy.
Take the opportunity to create more of an impact in your life and work with deliberate rejuvenating breaks.

Combining the holistic techniques of massage therapy, rebozo wrapping and reiki energy can help re-balance you on all levels.
Our Well Being Restoration Therapy is comparable to entering a meditative state, where the mind can process thoughts better. From this meditative state your body can enter its restoration phase. Perfect if you struggle to get a refreshing nights sleep.
When there is a lot of stress going on in life, switching off mentally at the end of the day can be one of the hardest things to do. It is also one of the most important things to do at such times, for your own long-term health.

How does Well Being Restoration Therapy help?

After a session of Well Being Restoration Therapy you will feel lighter and yet more grounded. More able to cope and get through the stressful experience life is throwing at you; whether that is stress from relationships, work, grieving or financial stress.

Being in a carefully created space with someone who genuinely cares for your well-being can mean the difference between superficial relaxation and deeper level healing work.
This therapy can be an integral part of your overall self-care, most especially when you are doing all the right things; healthy diet, regular exercise and still not feeling as vibrant as you have hoped for.

A shift in energy and tuning into your body experienced from being wrapped, cocoon-like, in Rebozos can bring up and help you release past negative emotional states held in your body. Leaving your feeling lighter, freer and more energised and ready to take on the world.

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Before the treatment I felt very tense, holding onto a lot of anxiety, pushing along with a brave face. Afterwards, I felt so relaxed and extremely grounded. Throughout the following week, I realised I was plowing through work situations with ease and confidence, no indecisiveness or butterflies. A week later and I am still very energised by Sarah’s well thought out, proficient routine.
Chris, Woking
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